We firmly believe that Sustainability is a way of life.

We have been practicing sustainability since our inception. It is not about wearing an organic cotton T-shirt or only using sustainable base fabrics, it is a lot more than that. Sustainability is an ocean in which we can deep dive into. It has endless possibilities, which can be explored upon, so that there is very little carbon footprint.


We are also aware that we can't fully ignore the Traditional methods / practices all at once, but rather we try minimizing its impact by adding sustainability to it, in some way or the other.

We have been constantly trying to make all our processes - Sustainable. Be it the base fabrics which we are using for our collections or the trims, the materials, zippers, tapes, product packaging, etc. The whole idea is to make all the processes from raw material to the packaging of the product, sustainable.

We have been using recycled fabrics, quite extensively in our collections. The benefits of switching to recycled polyester and nylon fibres can save virgin resources, and reused polyester is comparable to virgin fibres in quality terms.


Increasing the use of recycled polyester reduces our dependence on petroleum as the raw material for fabrics. Producing recycled polyester is better for the climate, said to give 75% less CO2 emissions than virgin polyester. Currently, the majority of recycled polyester comes from PET bottles, whereas 60% of polyester use is in textiles. Similarly opting for Recycled Nylon which uses industrial waste and discarded fish nets rather than oil.


Apart from Recycled polyester and nylon fabrics, we have been using Naturally dyed handwoven fabrics as well. While developing the Handwoven fabrics, we make sure that the yarns for these handwoven fabrics are GRS certified. We also have been exploring " Undyed fabrics “, so as to reduce the water usage, again minimizing the carbon footprint.

As "The End of More" drives a minimalist mindset, we try using refined trims to add value to essentials and elevated basics. High-quality, low-impact materials for understated feature fastenings, GRS recycled zip tapes, bio-plastics, etc. We extensively use lower-impact materials such as recycled PET for buttons, organic cotton cords and upcycled zip tapes.