We at Theorem believe in "re-purposing" the past to "re-imagine" the future, with powerful contrasts forged between the "Natural and Man-made" and "Crafted and Technical ",unfolding a new area. The collections are deeply influenced by the growing interdependence between " Humans and Technology". The boundaries are blurred between the "Past and the Present" , and the "Tactile and the Technological" .
We adapt an "Inclusive" way of developing our collections, where "Technology from the future" meets the "Traditions from the Past". We firmly believe that "Diversity is our greatest Strength".
Sustainability is a way of life and our responsibility, with great endless possibilities. We have just one planet and we have to do our bit by practicing sustainability as a vital tool in all our processes , starting from the yarns for our fabrics to the packaging of the product …
Theorem has evolved a lot since it's inception in late 2015 and since then, we have a target to be all sustainable by 2028.